"We love fruits."

Translation:My kochamy owoce.

March 30, 2016

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Lubimy owoce a nie kochamy!


"Uwielbiamy owoce" is best


Well, it's accepted. True, that is a good translation indeed.


Is there a good way to remember when to use certain words? Like when to use kochasz, kochamy, or kocha.


That is just the conjugation of verbs, you'll master it soon ;)

kochać (to love): I love = ja kocham, you (sg) love) = ty kochasz, he/she/it loves = on/ona/ono kocha; we love = my kochamy, you (pl) love = wy kochacie, they love = oni/one kochają

oni/one is the difference between masculine personal plural and not masculine-personal plural. The first one is for groups including at least one male human being, the other for anything else (so in this context, a group of women)

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