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"В четвёртом классе хорошие учителя."

Translation:The fourth grade has good teachers.

March 30, 2016



I put "in the fourth year there are good teachers" but it wasn't accepted.


Fourth year is British English. Americans say fourth grade. If all else is right, I think it should be considered a correct answer.


And Australians also say "fourth class" - I reported it.


Just a general comment... This particular module/lesson always kicks my ass, and I've had to re-strengthen it many times. But it's usually because of "mistakes" that are just reasonable alternative translations that weren't accepted. Frustrating! But I try to remind myself that it's only software, and most of the time it's pretty darn good.


I think fourth class should be accepted


I wrote: "In fourth grade there are good teachers" and it was considered wrong. I reported it but I am totally hopeless that they would ever answer because i have been doing this for 9 months and I have never got an answer from Duolingo.


The only answers you're ever likely to get is along the lines of "you suggested _ as a possible answer. We now accept this answer." I don't think you'll ever get some kind of personal feedback from the mods unless you luck out on one of these discussion threads. But the people here are usually very helpful :)


I already reported this, but is there a reason why "In the fourth grade there are good teachers" isn't accepted?


It should be accepted, it is a fine translation.

I do want to point out something that I read in a comparable discussion on a different lesson: the construction with "у меня есть" is not usually used to indicate possession WHEN the item doing the possessing is not animate.

So, to say "I have a Х", we use "у меня есть". But, to say "The house has Х", we use "В доме Х". English uses "The has X" in both constructions.

For this reason, since the fourth grade is an inanimate set, the "в четвёртом классе" phrase is more likely to mean "the fourth grade has...", than "in the fourth grade there is..."


"Fourth grade has good teachers" is still not accepted.


Russian doesn't use articles and would sound fine in English not to use one here


Yes, "Fourth grade has..." should be a perfectly acceptable way to start this sentence. I would venture to say that you're a little bit more likely to hear that than "The fourth grade has...", at least in American English.

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