"I sell seventy batteries."

Translation:Sprzedaję siedemdziesiąt baterii.

March 30, 2016

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I thought the pleural accusative form of battery is 'baterie'. Where did this 'baterii' come from?


It is. But in this sentence you have numeral- 70.

Polish numerals are crazy.

it's like 70 of batteries ( baterii is in genitive).

N-baterie/ siedemdziesiąt baterii
G-baterii/ siedemdziesięciu baterii
D-bateriom siedemdziesięciu bateriom
Acc -baterie/ siedemdziesiąt baterii
Instr-bateriami/ siedemdziesięcioma bateriami
Loc- bateriach/ siedemdziesięciu bateriach

most numerals and quantifiers work like this,
but numerals ending with dwa, trzy, cztery - 2,3,4 ,22,23,24, 32,33,34 ....92,93,94, 102,103,104, 122,123,124, .... 9999999999(9)4 work like adjectives


Thank you so much for your help. Your explanation is very valuable.

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