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  5. "Where did she go yesterday?"

"Where did she go yesterday?"

Translation:Ble aeth hi ddoe?

March 30, 2016



I noticed that when asking about a male person in the lesson, "ble" was always used, but when a female person was asked about, "lle" is used. Are these two words just two variations, or masculine and feminine words for "where"?


Hi there. I had one where I needed to choose the words and the option was I le, not sure if it was a mistake. Diolch!


i le is a combination of the preposition i "to" and the adverb lle "where", which gets soft mutation after i to become le.


Is "ble" a contraction of "ym mha le" "In what place"


As a question, it is a contraction (with a mutation) of pa le? ('which place?' = 'where?')

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