"Maen nhw yma ers achau."

Translation:They have been here for ages.

March 30, 2016

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this doesn't really make sense?


It should be translated as 'they have been here for ages'. Similarly:

dyn ni'n byw yma ers achau. - we have lived here for ages

The use of the present tense in the Welsh is correct in this pattern, but not in the English!


got it, thank you :-) how many tenses are there in Welsh?


Yes fine, but in another sentence, 'for a while' surely implies a shorter time and 'were here for a while' for 'yma ers sbel' seems a valid translation


See the course notes.

In this pattern, where Welsh uses the present tense (Maen nhw yma ers...), it is translated into English as the present perfect tense (They have been here for/since...).

This is another example of where English and Welsh structures are quite different.


You know who and what it makes me think of? :)

Cymru am byth!

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