"Na plaży jest dużo krabów."

Translation:There are a lot of crabs on the beach.

March 30, 2016

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How do you know that it is meaning to "many crabs" instead of "big crabs"?


It's not very probable that an adjective will end with -o. I believe it will only be for masculine/neuter Genitive, but it will be -ego anyway, so it will be easily recognizable.

'dużo' is a numeral or an adverb (Polish and English wiktionaries disagree).


So how do you refer to big crabs?


"duże kraby".

Here it would be "Na plaży są duże kraby".


That is kinda tricky, but got it. Thank you.


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the sentence 'there IS a lot of crabs on the beach' is grammatically correct in English. Why is it replaced by one that is not (There ARE a lot of crabs)?


If you google "There are a lot of", the results seem to prove that "there is" is acceptable, but "there are" is really the correct one.

But clearly that's a very confusing matter, even for natives, it seems.


As a native I would say "there are" when referring to quantities of more than one and "there is" when referring to a single item or anything that is not countable.

"There ARE a lot of fish in the sea" "There IS a lot of litter on the beach" "There IS a stone on the beach" "There ARE many stones on the beach"


Yeh, because grammar books don't give 'there are a lot of' as correct, at least not the ones I read. Because you can't put a plural verb with a singular form (and 'a lot' is a singular).


English is my first language and we are taught that "there IS a lot of ..." is grammatically correct. I think that it is because the plural form for lot = lots. Don't worry though, lots of us aren't sure whether a lot of... should be singular or plural ;)


That is why I lost the "perfect" notation : aargh English is not my native language; I am French, sorry; but it looks logical that "a lot" (singular) matches with "is" and not "are" But we have a lot of traps like this in french too


why jest and not są?


Such quantity-denoting words like "dużo" take verbs in singular.


on the beach are lots of crabs, can i say so?


As a native, to me that sounds perfectly fine.


Yes but would sound better if you say "on the beach there are lots of crabs"


thanks to all of you

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The Polish word for beach is very similar to the Spanish word playa. A bit more in its pronunciation but it's really interesting. At least for me.


In French, it's 'plage' - pronounced the same as the Polish without the final 'a'.


Yes, I suppose that this is where the Polish word has been taken from.


I wrote. "There is a lot of crab on the beach". Why is that wrong?


As an English speaker, the form "There IS a lot of crabs on the beach" just sounds wrong, even though the verb agrees with the singular 'lot'. I think collective nouns like "a lot", "a bunch", "a load", and the like sound more correct with a plural form of the verb.


It depends on whether the noun is countable or uncountable: There IS a lot of gold, but: There ARE a lot of people.

However, "there is" + "countable noun" is a construction that is attested in various corpora. It may be considered incorrect from a prescriptivist perspective, but it's actually not that uncommon.


How do you say ' the big dog have lots of puppies'


"The big dog has", I believe ;)

Duży pies ma dużo szczeniąt/szczeniaków.


I put "There are loads of crabs on the beach" - would that be allowed?


Our team believes that it's more than "lots of" and it translates to "mnóstwo".

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