I would like to post a request for adding Lithuanian language. (I can be a resource for this as well being a native speaker).

January 21, 2013


I agree — Lithuanian should definitely be a language in Duolingo! Trys Milijonai can make it happen!

There is a real lack of modern language software that includes Lithuanian. I would love to see this added.

I am from Lithuania :) -----------> Aš esu iš Lietuvos :)

Even Klingon has an official release date on Duolingo! I am still waiting for the Lithuanian Duolingo for English speakers...

Yes! My girlfriend is from Lithuania, and I'd love to learn to speak it

This would help me a lot, because i'm trying to learn the language. but it's even better if i can do it on the go.

Yeah common we need Lithuanian in the list! Its still not there :(

I applied and I will apply for the reverse courses as well as french and German and Russian for Lithuanian speakers

Hello, i'm Lithuanian, I'm from Kaunas and yes I can speak Lithuanian :) So who would like to learn or improve this language I could help, cause I would like to impove my English skills, so if somebody interesting, write me :)

I'd love to learn Lithuanian here all the way through.

i am here just to remind that there are so many people willing to translate and learn Lithuanian and i would love to be a part of that!

i wish Duolingo would consider this language as a great addition to this app!

Ačiū labai!

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