"Ten pacjent nie potrzebuje pomocy, on jest już zdrowy."

Translation:This patient does not need help, he is already healthy.

March 30, 2016

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"he is already healthy" is something I have never heard spoken


"he is now healthy" is however a commonplace utterance


Duo rejected "This patient needs no help, he's already healthy" - more compact English, but maybe too inexact a translation?


it feels okay to say "no longer needs help" but "does not need help" is a more direct translation


Well, there is no "no longer" part in the Polish sentence, even if your sentence is perfectly logical.


I have the same complaint as with the other sentence that uses "already healthy" -- it's really not a thing that's said in English when a person was sick or injured a short time ago.

In that case, people tend to highlight the improvement: "already better", "recovering", "recovered".

Could you accept those?


As with the other sentence - ok for "already better", "recovering" seems too different, added "recovered" but as "already recovered".


This patient doesn't need care, he's already healthy.


Well, 'care' is 'opieka', so 'nie potrzebuje opieki'. Generally makes sense, but that's not a translation of Polish.


I answered, 'this patient does not need help, he is healthy now' please explain why isn't my answer acceptable ... thank you very much for your help.


Your answer is a translation of "...on jest teraz zdrowy." (Here, już = already is needed.)


I do not understand why "does not need any help" is refused, the meaning is exactly the same


There is no word for any in the Polish sentence.


I believe that there are other sentences where any is accepted, even though there is no żaden in the Polish sentence. It seems to me that there is no exact equivalent to any, since żaden is stronger, thus closer to any... whatsoever. I would be in favour of accepting it here.


Agreed, added. "żadnej pomocy" definitely seems stronger than "any help".


It's not that i don't know,it's that I don'tpay attention to what I'm doing. niedojda


Why 'doesn't need a help' is wrong? Shouldn't we use article 'a' in questions? Anyway I'm learning Polish, not English .... pity to lose marks for such things


Help is an abstract concept and therefore uncountable.

The rules for articles are unrelated to whether it's an interrogative or declarative sentence.

As to your last statement: If you were a contributor to a Polish course for Russian speakers, and someone suggested "Этот пациент не нуждается в ни одной из помощей", would you add such an answer to the database?


When are you supposed to use "does" and "do"? I don't really understand why you can't say "this patient do not need care".


Many English verbs follow a pattern where the bare infinitive (i.e. the infinitive without to) is used for all present-tense forms except 3rd.-person singular, where a final -s (or -es) is added.

  • So "do" and "does" are the two present-tense forms of the infinitive "to do".
    • Does is 3rd.-person singular only:
      he | she | it does
    • Otherwise, do is correct:
      I | we | you | they do.
  • Two correct English sentences are thus:
    • "This patient [3rd.-person singular] does not need care".
    • "These patients [3rd.-person plural] do not need care".

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I keep putting in the correct answer but it keeps being rejected any ideas how I can get passed this. I'm stuck now. Thanks in advance


Well, to help you, we'd need to know exactly what your 'correct' answer is; a screenshot, or an exact copy-and-paste would be wonderful.

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