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Trouble with the answer to translation thing

Sometimes, when I translate a sentence or word, it says it's incorrect... when my answer is right! What should I do?

January 9, 2014



If you believe it is correct please use the 'report a mistake' button on the web to report the issue. If you're on an app please submit to support. Thanks!


There could be a few different reasons for this. On a multiple choice question there can be more than one correct answer. If you only check one answer but two of them are correct translations, you'll be marked incorrect. Here's an example:

Translate: They run

Correct: Ellos corren

Correct: Ellas corren

It's also possible that what seems like it should be correct, isn't quite. I keep getting tripped up with translating the sentence "The vacation is in August." When translated to Spanish, "vacation" is typically plural, kind of the way "pants" is plural even when you are only referring to one pair. I was confused about this at first but the button to "Discuss this question" below the answer was really helpful -- other folks had already posted and explained why the answer that sounded wrong was actually correct.

If the above suggestions don't help clear it up -- that is, your own answer is an exact match for the "correct" answer -- you can probably get further help if you can post a screenshot showing an example of the problem next time you see it.

Here's how to make a screenshot:


Once you've saved the image, you can upload it to an image hosting site and paste a link into your reply here. Here's a very easy image hosting site that doesn't require making an account:


It may also help if you describe anything else you've noticed about the problem, such as:

~ does it only happen on a certain type of question, like only on multiple choice questions or only on listening questions?

~ does it only happen when using Duolingo on your phone, but not on your computer?

~ does it seem to help if you completely close your browser and re-open it, and start using Duolingo again?

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