Hi Duo Team, first of all, I'd like to thank you for establishing this wonderful page. I realy learnt a lot on this page. But I also recognize that the number of Troll activities seems to increase lately. Not only in the forums here, but also in the immersion function where people just downvote every translation they find.

Yesterday one of my contacts told me that he encountered this problem and got all his translations in one Articles downvoted at once, now I experienced the same. In two articles 3 translations each were downvoted and some of them are short sentences which surely are not wrong.

Why don't you guys just restrict downvotes on translations to those people, who submit corrections? Allowing downvotes without corrections and comments does not provide anything to those who are downvoted. How could they possibly learn from this kind of feedback if it doesn't even state what is wrong or how it would be better? It is just frustrating.

I really don't understand, why you don't act here. If you leave it like that, you could as well close the two functions (forum and immersion) in my opinion, because sooner or later only trolls will be left there.

Please don't let this happen.

By making visible who voted and why, you could achive several benefits at once:

  • make it possible to learn from errors
  • establish a barrier for those who abuse the voting function (upvotes and downvotes)
  • prevent users from false accusitions (I already have been asked by people more than once, if I downvoted them), so it could also help to keep the "peace" between users

To remove the downvoting function would be no good idea in my opinion, because where there is positive feedback, there should also be a possibiliy to give negaive feedback, but it should provide the possibility to improve something and not just be destructive.

March 30, 2016

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Btw. duo team, das Forum ist total unübersichtlich. Wenn ich meine eigene Post nicht auf meiner Follow-Liste hätte, würde ich sie nicht mehr finden! Keine Übertreibung, wenn ich nach Trolls suche, was immerhin der Titel der Post ist, finde ich sie nicht. Deshalb hier die Link-Liste.

Hi Learners, if you also feel that duolingo should act against troll activities, please leave a small message here. It seems that duoling only acts, if there is a big response in the discussion groups. It's sad, but read yourself what they write. I guess it is even an automatic mail.

Hello J*!

We appreciate the thought and time you have put into this. However, abuse emails are disconnected from product suggestions. When looking for ideas and trying to get a feel for what the learners are experiencing, staff usually monitors the forums and incoming bug reports. Please consider sharing some of your thoughts via those channels for a greater chance of change.

Thank you!

Duolingo Team

... well, now I really feel how much they appreciate my thoughts and time I spend to improve their service ...

Recently I experienced downvoting (though only a few points) when I posted a bug report that several words were missing from Spanish lessons. This continued when I asked simple questions about translations. When I skimmed the forums and found threads like this one, I noticed that the problem seems to be a bigger one. I believe that the whole mechanism of downvoting / upvoting and by that monitoring important topics, turns into a severe problem with the actual learning experience: downvoted bug reports disappear easier from view.

After years in software development, I use to feedback clear and without any try to make the bug report sound nice. Also, I do not insult. If my postings now get downvoted anyways, I shrug my shoulders and stop reporting problems since it appears(!) that they have no effect, or only the one to feed trolls. I guess I'm not the only person who thinks like that. (Please don't mistake me, I don't want to be cheered for something as simple as a bug report.)

I believe is right that after a while, this problem will increase in severity, because more and more people will not care about quality checks any more. This would be incredibly sad, for duolingo provides a great learning experience. Please, please don't let it be spoiled by negative effects of online group dynamics, most of all if these are well-known and can be avoided so easily.

As for feedback on translations, maybe check for additional ideas how to pull this off: no anonymous votings, checking translations etc works only ever with the user name visible. The effect on quality is noticeable.

Other communities I know experienced a sudden rise in the quality of their communication when they deleted downvotings (many left upvoring possible). People use not to think much on the web before they click an up or down arrow / thumb / button. But they do start to think again once their (nick)name is instantly visible with what they click or write.

This is about language. People here should be able to talk about problems, instead of getting downvotes crammed down their throats as soon as they try to raise the quality of translations.

My 2cents. :) Now I'm awaiting the downvotes, dear downvoters.

Thank you for your feedback!

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