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  5. "Have you got up yet?"

"Have you got up yet?"

Translation:Dych chi wedi codi eto?

March 31, 2016



Eto also means yet? I didn't know that.


It can also mean again.


Is there anyone else who thinks that "I have got up" is ungrammatical in English? When I was in school (roughly a century ago), we would have said and written "I got up" but "I have gotten up." As an editor, though, I would avoid "I have gotten/got up" because it sounds awkward either way.


It's fine in the UK. Some observations though are that UK English tends to use the perfect ("I have got") more than US English, which often prefers the simple past ("I got"). Also, "gotten" is common in the US but rare in the UK (although I hear it's making a comeback).


Language moves on. Colloquialisms and usage eventually becomes official. I do agree with you though on all three counts, and my schooling was only a couple of decades ago.

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