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Problems with Duolingo


Is anyone else experiencing problems with Duolingo?

On Tuesday evening every word in my list was at full strength but by Wednesday morning 60 words had dropped to Overdue, 30 to Time to practise and 50 to Pretty good.

Worse still is repeated successful attempts to revise those words, in both exercise and test, makes no difference either to the word strength or the date last practiced.

In case anyone from Duolingo reads this, I have practised the following words: rotes, Gedanke, Person, magst, Bahn, laufen, Essen, Fisch, kennt, schlafe, liest, Feuerwehr, Unterkunft. (I'm sure there are others too.)

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

March 31, 2016



Same for me. My words list has been fully strengthened 99% of the time (once, the word 'Vorname' went from 5 gold bars down to 4!). Now suddenly 40+ words have gone down to one bar ("overdue"), and 20+ words are in between 2 and 3 bars ("time to practice" and "pretty good"). Hopefully it'll be fixed and/or explained soon.


See https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14596591

You are both doing German, so perhaps there is new content being rolled out or something? I assume anything new would be weak by default. Just an idea.

Edit: just realised you were referring to existing content, not new words added to the tree. It does seem to be some thing to do with German though. Or at least the German for English speakers tree. (In my case I am laddering from Spanish so it is a different tree).


Thank you. In my frustration I posted before searching to see if anyone else was having the same problem, which wasn't very good of me.


You could try moving this to troubleshooting, then staff will at least see it.

No idea if they will do anything though.

Good luck!


The words list has always been very dodgy for me, and I think it's no longer updated/supported for new parts of the course. Flashcards especially, which draw from the words list, have always been broken for me.

My 'solution' is to not worry about them. I never visit to words tab - I use Memrise when I want to deal purely in vocab (there are some excellent Duolingo-match courses) and stick to the actual lessons with Duolingo.


I use the word list to ensure I've not left anything so long it's fallen out of my memory. Well, that's the theory...

You mentioned Duolingo-match courses in plural: the only one I know and use is the memrise one (http://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/). Do you have something else you use too?

Please let me know if you do have something else as I'd like to add it to me rarely-used blog of German resources (https://pwmusic.wordpress.com/german-resources/)


That's the Memrise course I use - there's pages of other Memrise courses which are in some way linked with Duolingo but I've not tried any to judge whether they're any good.

I'm also doing the official Memrise A1 German course but it seems you already have that listed :)



I would guess this was caused by the new version of the German tree:



After spending several weeks keeping all my words at their maximum strength level before the end of each day, all at once about 940 French words and 500 Spanish words started appearing with a less-than-maximum strength level.

On a different thread, someone who seemed to be in the know commented that several words had been missing from the word list and were being added in bulk.

Getting all these words to their maximum strength level is a lot of work, and frustrating because there is not always a way to focus practice on individual words. There is a way that often works, but not always: see my post to "https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14920423".

The main reason this doesn't work is that the lessons don't exercise every variant of a word. Different genders, numbers, persons, tenses, moods and cases are counted as different words, but only one or two of them is presented in any given lesson, and they seem to be the same ones every time. If you want to exercise a variant of the word that does not appear in the skill's lesson, it appears that you just have to wait until Duolingo decides to present it to you.

There appear to be some bugs. For example, if you click a word in the word list, a box appears to the right giving information about the word, including a link to the skill that exercises it. If you click that link to go to the exercise, sometimes you can't find the word on the page for that skill. That doesn't mean that the word isn't presented in one of the lessons, only that it is not listed on the skill page. (Or maybe it doesn't get presented -- I haven't investigated.)

Another problem is that sometimes word X appears in an item intended to exercise word Y. If you answer that item correctly, sometimes you get credit for both word X and word Y (and perhaps other words in the same item), and sometimes you get credit only for word Y. And, on rare occasions, sometimes you don't even get that.


Yeah, but the problem is, it pretty much NEVER gives credit for the words, even if they show up. As for the word not showing up, sometimes it helps to zoom in on the page. The format changes, and sometimes more words become visible.


There is another reason for not getting credit that I didn't mention: homonyms. In French, "bois" can be the noun, meaning "wood" or the verb, meaning "you drink". Duolingo treats these as two words. No matter how many times you practice one of them, it does not affect the other. This goes especially for nationalities, too. "Espagnole" is both the adjective "Spanish" and the noun "Spaniard".


I have the same problem while learing English starting from German. I feel sorry about that. But I have no suggestion to solve the problem.


No suggestions, but I've got the same problem, and it's the german course for me too.


Yes, had the same issue. I had many words, which were last practiced 2-5 months ago, but were at full strength. Then suddenly their strength changed to minimum (which kind of makes sense, since I have not practiced them). However, it seems almost impossible to get them full strength through regular practice. Some examples are different forms of simple verbs, like sehen, siehst, sieht, etc.


It sounds like we've got the same issue.

Hopefully it means there will be new content.


Same issue for me with! I went from all at the best strength level to now having over 500 at the weakest strength level sometime in the last few days. Nice to see the discussion but is there no way to bring this to attention of someone at Duolingo whe can actually explain what is happening and why? And the fact that the Strength ratings seem no way to be updated except by going back to the original lesson where the work appears!


Frankly I've got no idea. Wish I knew.


Even redoing the lesson and the timed practise makes no difference for me.

I reported it to duoelingo as a fault and I included a link to this discussion, so hopefully something will get done about it soon.


Same here. My average word strength has been steady at ~90%, suddenly 300 words went down to 0 and are decaying at a rate similar to new words. Examples: Ei, Nudeln, Zitrone, Insel, renne


Agree that it is not having good info on how to "study" to improve the strength level. At one of the words (jede), when i go to the topic shown where the word is (Accusative Pronouns), the word is not even there even though a different form of it is (jedes). i completed the topic anyway but did not get any improeved strength for jede. Then i found jede in another topic (nominative prounouns) completed that activity but still did not het credit for it in my Words list. The whold Words list and strengths appears to have some major issues for sure. Maybe someone at Duolingo was trying to improve it and did not test changes they made!!


It's a mess. And it's massively demotivating. I've done only 50 points each day since they broke it, and that's only to maintain my streak.


I also just noticed that not all the words I learn are listed in the Words list. Anyone know what it takes to e ven have word show in the Words list? Lots of mine are missing and not even showing.....


Same.. I don't know what that's about


I am having the same problem with the Word strength, however, I am learning French. It's words that I know quite well and even when I redo the lesson, the strength is not increased. Glad that some of you have reported the bug and hopefully it will be fixed soon.


I agree with "ObsessedWith Cats" comment - solution' is to not worry about the Words list and never visit the Words tab since making it accurate is obviously not a high priority for the Duolingo team and maybe should not be since adding new vocabulary to the course is a much better spending of their time for all of us. But it would be good if they would just remove the Words tab since it is so inaccurate. For users, better to just concentrate on getting through the tree, getting the Golden Owl, then after that study by keeping all of tree gold and using the "Strengthen Your Skills" tool (access via the "dumbbell" icon at top right corner of screen when at mobile app (not sure where it is in the on line version).


On the website, it's on the right side, under the info about your daily goal.


If this ever gets fixed, would someone be kind enough to let me know via a reply to this comment, please?

I used the word list extensively to ensure I practised words at the right time and didn't forget them. Without this feature this site is almost useless so I have given up on Duolingo and am instead using Memrise.

120 consecutive days just wasted.

I hope one day to be able to come back to use a fully working Duolingo - if they ever fix it.


Slowly, these new words are appearing in the "Strengthen Skills" exercises. Hundreds of them do not appear in the skill tree lessons (because they are conjugations or declensions that are not part of the lessons) so there doesn't seem to be any way to practice them individually. I am now down to about 140 low-strength Spanish words (starting from about 500) and 340 low-strength French words (starting from about 940).

Here's how I make this rough count: sort the words in increasing order of word strength (the weakest words at the top). Then count how many times you have to do "Page Down" until the first full-strength word appears. For me, each Page Down advances 20 words. It's more effort to count than it used to be, but not that hard to see when you're making progress.


It seems like if you go to the words list, sort it in alphabetical order, then in word strength order, you can tell the strengthen-able ones from the broken ones. It'll list some of the overdue words from A to Z, then list the rest of the overdue words in no particular order I can discern. The ones that aren't alphabetically ordered seem to respond to practice, while the ones that are alphabetically ordered don't respond to it. That could be helpful if you want to be sure you've strengthened all the words you could have.


When you do what you describe, the words become sorted in word-strength order. Within each word-strength category (1 bar, 2 bars, 3 bars, 4 bars) they remain in alphabetical order. So at the border between word-strength categories, it may appear that the alphabetization has stopped.


I did specify that this is all overdue words (AKA 1 bar). It's not at the border, it's all in the same category.


Then I guess it's a bug. You can report it if you like in the "troubleshooting" discussion thread.

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