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  5. "Beth sy'n bod?"

"Beth sy'n bod?"

Translation:What's the matter?

March 31, 2016



Can someone break this one down please? I don't really get how the parts make the whole meaning.


It is an idiom, so a literal translation would be of no use, really. You will also see it in:

  • Beth sy'n bod arnat ti? What's the matter with you?
  • Beth sy'n bod ar Dewi heddiw? - What's the matter with Dewi today?

and so on.


Would the literal translation be something like "What is it that [it] is?" or "What is?" ?

FWIW, German also uses "Was ist?" colloquially for "What's the matter?".


Oh, if that's the case, Cornish uses "what is it with you?" (pyth eus genes?) for what's wrong with you, so I can kind of see a parallel.


'What is it with you?' sounds quite American/Jewish. I've had a look at Wikipedia articles in Cornish. Even with my meagre Welsh, I can get a rough idea of what's being said. Breton is close, too but not as close as Cornish. Did you ever see that written advert for ice cream with the Cornish on it?


It looks like 'What's being?' to me.


Ah okay, thank you. That would be why I couldn't make sense of it!

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