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Good techniques or websites to use alongside Duolingo to learn Polish?

Hello, people of Duolingo! I just recently started trying to learn Polish but it's really hard with all of the different letters and pronunciations so I'm struggling learning the language. Languages like Spanish are a lot easier to learn, but with Polish I think I'll have to find additional ways than just Duolingo to learn it. Anybody have any suggestions on how I can learn Polish a lot easier? Do you know other websites to use alongside Duolingo or ways of making everything I learn stay in my head? Please help, I MUST learn Polish!!

March 31, 2016



Some people in this discussion have recommended some links. Try them out! :)



Isn't only useful when you're more advanced and comfortable with written literary text, because they also provide free audiobooks (good quality + very good readers), something I find much easier to follow at this stage than a busy radio station or such. =) Generally most of the stuff posted here or rather on the related threads is way too "lingy" or scholastic to my liking, language doesn't exist in a vacuum. I prefer and recommend reaching out for real content as soon as you can handle it, be it ever so difficult at first, the goal is also the way. Look for magazines and newspapers that might be for you, there's lots! Or some Polish internet forum catering to something you're interested in. I certainly don't mean to promptly enter discussions--just to passively (attempt to) follow along. Same for chat. "Counter-read" articles on your language's Wikipedia version with its Polish equivalents. Something that interests you, something that actually pays...

"Do you know other websites to use alongside Duolingo or ways of making everything I learn stay in my head?"

Well it won't stay there if it's nothing that's worth it. And then neither should it.


You might want to also check LearnPolish sub-reddit – while not as popular as other language learning sub-reddits, it still has a wealth of links to very good Polish resources archived.


Some time ago I found this on Facebook - Learn Polish Daily Check it out and see if it's useful for you. Their posts seem to be a bit more about the culture than language.


I've been using www.PolishPod101.com. This site has some free stuff but for the majority of the content you have to subscribe.


I was thinking about signing up on there ages ago, but the sign up process seemed a little fishy so I decided not to in the end hahaha


Nothing fishy about the site. I have signed up for it and have used it. It's very different from duolingo and it's orientation is towards spoken dialogues. They have a lot of material, but you might want to try it first to see if it works for you.


I signed up on the site and I've got to say, it is very good! I'm glad I joined :D


Nothing fishy about the site.

Matter of opinion, here is another. ;-)


To be fair an automatically renewing subscription is not that unusual. I would prefer if sites sent an email reminding you that the subscription fee was going to be taken a week in advance to give you a chance to cancel but I wouldn't go so far as to call not doing that 'fishy'. The poster did state that they got refunded for the amount of the renewal which is pretty good of them.

Fishy would be more like the site my father signed up for. Cancelling the subscription required sending an email (which never got a reply) or a phone call (to a phone number that never got picked up). He eventually had to cancel his credit card.


Well, there is also the question of how visible is the information that you are subscribing – for me, a not fishy, self-respecting company would made that obvious, so that the only people who do subscribe for it are those who really want it. ;-)

That is not the case here, or at least wasn't couple of weeks/months ago, when I was looking at germanpod101 – the only place where you could find that information was in Terms of Service…

Sure, they do deliver the product and they do cancel the subscription for those who got it inadvertently, so it's not a scam or anything like that but at the same time, for me at least, they engage in not very ethical business practices.


http://www.digitaldialects.com/Polish.htm This is a good website I used it before and then moved on to this website. You could check it out!

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