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Duolingo won't register completed lessons- please, help!

It won't let me pass Verbs: Present 3 level 8! I actually did the lesson twice, because I thought I accidentally pressed some wrong button. The second time I did is flawlessly, but the screen just returned to my skill tree with no points granted or lesson assesment! WTF. Please respond or email me. How can i keep the owl happy with this in the way?

January 9, 2014



OMG this same problem has been happening to me from my first days with DL. I have reported it three separate times with no resolution. Even as I was writing this comment, DL kicked me back to the beginning. I will read through the rest of the threads on this issue, but I can say that the problem is not fixed for me. It is true like sunchild81 stated it is hard to keep the owl happy.


Really?! I've had a couple times that I accidentally refreshed or did smt else stupid.. Really frustrating if you're on a roll. But the 2nd time I did the lesson I was 100% sure it was DL at fault and not me. Looks like it's a pretty persistant or robust bug in DuoLingo. I really hope they'll resolve the issue.


I am having the same problem, have done a lesson 3 or 4 times and nothing!


I am using chrome on a pc and have had the same problem on 2 different lessons, i have done the last lesson I'm on now more than six times.


Same problem here! Chrome doesn't let me get points.... i complete lessons on ipad, but I would really like to work on my laptop.. clearing cache doesn't help..


That sounds frustrating. It looks like some other folks reported a similar problem yesterday, but it may be fixed now. See this thread:


If you're still seeing the problem on your end, it could be something different from the thread above. It may be a problem with something cached in your browser, which you can try to resolve by completely closing your browser (all windows and tabs), then re-opening it and clearing the cache. Here's how to clear your browser cache:


You may still need to repeat the lesson a third time after clearing your cache, in order to get completely to the end and receive credit for it. I know it's annoying to have to repeat the lesson, but it might get you past the bug for now if you're eager to keep going.

If you're still stuck just before completion even after clearing your browser cache, I would suggest to try doing the lesson using a completely different browser, or try using the phone/tablet app if you normally use a computer.


Hi, thanx for your elaborate answer. I will try it if the bug remains unclear/unresolved. I really don't want to the lesson all for nothing yet again. As you might know it's quite frustrating. In the mean time I'll just continue with my spanish. Oh, and thanks for the thread-link. From what I've read it looks pretty similar.


Hi sunchild81- we're taking a look! Be in touch shortly. Thanks for your patience.


I've had a similar problem with lessons freezing after answering the last question. You then have to refresh and then lose your points. I'm using Safari. It hasn't happened since before Christmas though.


Are you experiencing this on the web or are you using one of our apps?


Hi, I forget to mention I experienced the bug for French Verbs: Present 3 level 8. I was doing the lesson on my desktop Macintosh in Firefox. Thanx for responding!

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Hi Sunchild, it looks like you tried doing this when we were having site issues (Tuesday January 7 around 3:30 pm EST). Could you do me a favor and try one more time? Let us know if you are still unable to finish it.


Ok I FINALLY passed French Verbs: Present 3 level 8.. Third time is a charm.. Not flawlessly this time, not my fault. it should've accepted my answer.. Anywayzz.. I think it might have been around that time when I experienced trouble. I don't know about hte time difference. But I reported it Amsterdam time: dinsdag 7 januari 2014 22:17:43, so a little before that. According the users in this thread it is (very annoying) recurring issue with the site: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1450400 Hope you guys will be able to fix this, avoiding any future frustrations! Good Luck


eransaunders, Your experience is very familiar to me. I can do a lesson 5-6 times and not make it to the end even with three hearts. Even with this discussion thread, I just got kicked off and had to rewrite this. I am using IE with my hp laptop here in the Yucatan of Mexico. However, I had this exact problem in the U.S. too. No issues with the tablet version. Lastly, I still give kudos to the DL team. This is a good addiction I have with DL! :)


Having the same problem... try to or three times then just quit for the day and come back.. Super frustrating.


What kind of internet connection do you use? Satellite?


No, I don't know what's it called in English, but it's a very fast and reliable fibreglass cable connection.. Should that matter you think? Another reason I doubt it's possibly my connection is I just finished Spanish lesson right before the issue came up.

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