"Czerwony jak pomidor"

Translation:Red as a tomato

March 31, 2016

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In English we would say "As red as a tomato"


I agree. I wrote "Red, like an apple", which was accepted, because with "as" I would have wanted to say "as ... as ..."


pracuję jako aktor Verb + jako + noun

czerwony jak pomidor adjective + jak + noun

Is that correct?


yes, but you missed crucial information (both nouns in nominative case)


Ok, unless it takes the case the verb rules, right?

"kocham cię jako brat" : I love you like a brother (would love you)

"kocham cię jako brata" : I love you like (I would love) a brother


It seems I answered wrong last lime.

"like" is always jak - after verb or after adjective.

what you wrote would be correct with "jak". It is weird wirh "jako".

"jako" is more "as" . "in position of". so what you wrote means

I love you as (because you are) my brother, I love you as (because I'm your) brother. But it sounds weird.


Ok I think I got it now! "jak" implies a comparison and "jako" an identity?

czerwony jak pomidor : red like a tomato (but it's not a tomato)

kocham cię jak brata : I love you like a brother (but you're not my brother)

kocham cię jako brata : I love you like a brother (and you are my brother)

pracuję jako model : I work as a model (and I am a model)

How does that sound?


jak is comparison, but I'm not sure about identity- It's more about a position or a role.


why is "red like an apple" not correct here?


because you are supposed to translate it. and tomato is pomidor, apple is jabłko.


yes thanks: I did put another comment to say I realise this was my mistake. Apologies for eating your time


I have to admit, you made me laugh xD


You may have had the same thought as I did. I do not know which language you take it but "pomidor" always makes me think at "pomum" (owoc) in Latin and at "pomme" (jabłko) in French.


"Pomidor" is very close to the Italian word for tomato, "pomodoro", which literally means "apple of gold".


It sounds like czerwone jak pomidory even though it's the singular


"Red like tomato" was rejected which seems wrong.


It's missing an article. "Red like a tomato" or "red like the tomato"

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