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  5. "Bore dydd Mercher."

"Bore dydd Mercher."

Translation:Wednesday morning.

March 31, 2016



What is wrong with Bore dydd Llun you don't specify Wedensday in the question


What is the difference between bore mercher and bore dydd mercher?


Nothing. You can say it either way.

(Remember capital M in dydd Mercher - names of days and months are capitalised, seasons are not)


According to my welsh boyfriend, no one says " Bore Mercher". It just doesn't make sense. It is incomplete. So there is a difference. You have to say "Bore dydd Mercher", you can't exclude the "dydd"! I'm not sure if things are different in the south. This is coming from the North of Wales.


You can use it without the dydd, and people do do so if the context is clear. It is not a dialect variation.

You can find examples in the Minutes of the Welsh Assembly


It must be regional. Like i said, just where i live in North Wales, they always use the "dydd". Not saying it applies to the whole country, just where i live. Apparently, it is unusual to exclude it in this area. Just odd. The only time i have heard "dydd" excluded is when referring to the night, which makes sense i suppose.


Nothing, you can say it either way


Who is comment ing in 2017


I have to ask :) At least 3 (sometimes more) of the questions in the general 'strengthen skills' are about 'Dydd Mercher' in one form or another, almost every time. There are tons of other words and phrases that could pop up but never do. Why this obsession with Dydd Mercher? :)


This question should have both Llun and Mercher as they are both days and it is completely correct both ways!


They are different days:

  • dydd Llun - Monday
  • dydd Mercher - Wednesday


I don't understand why Bore dydd Llun is incorrect. There is nothing to indicate that it is Wednesday or Monday morning in the English. Confusing


Sorry, finally worked out what people were seeing - it was a problem with the options given in a multiple choice question. Now fixed - only one answer will now be correct.

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