"La carne di maiale"

Translation:The pork

January 21, 2013

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I just said pork, which was not accepted. However, we all know that things that take articles in Italian (or French or Spanish) don't always need them in English, so la carne di maiale can be either "the pork" (if you're talking about a particular portion of pork) or just "pork" (if you're talking about the meat in general). So I think they should accept "pork."


Really? I can use "meat of pig" but I can't use "meat of THE pig", which is what 99.9% of english speakers would say?


We English speakers say 'pork', just as we say 'beef', 'lamb', 'mutton', 'game', 'venison', 'chicken', 'fish', etc. The minute anyone says 'meat of the pig' or something similar we know they are not native English speakers.


Pig meat but not pork meat? Any thoughts?


Yes, they should allow pig meat as that is what pork is!


You can't go to the shop and order "pig meat", just use "pork"


"pork meat" would be much less correct than "pig meat". Saying "pork meat" is redundant, because "pork" means "pig meat".


why not "pork meat"?


I'm not a native english, but I think pork means pig's meat, like beef means cow's meat.


Yes. Dates back to 1066 and the Norman invasion of Britain. The Normans brought a form of French over and the anglo-saxon terms got kept for the animals in the field (pig, cow or cattle, sheep) and the Norman terms (or versions thereof) for the meat for the table. (pork, beef, mutton).


Grr, I wrote "The meat is pork." Why have carne? Shouldn't it be "il maiale"?


If I order pork, can I use "maiale" on its own? Even though Duolingo tells us this translates to "the pork," it literally translates to the meat of pork. And in the U.S., pork already implies we are talking about meat.


Why this is wrong The pork's meat?


Because pork is not an animal. Pork is pig's meat. Please read the other comments first.

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