"We are putting the bottles into the big box."

Translation:Wkładamy butelki do dużego pudełka.

March 31, 2016

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Kładziemy =/= wkładamy ?


Not exactly. It's maybe not totally impossible here, but it's better to keep to the distinction. You can read more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16003748/Difference-between-wk%C5%82ada%C4%87-and-k%C5%82a%C5%9B%C4%87


Why is it do not w?


That's just what Polish rather uses in such cases (putting X into Y), although somewhere in the back of my head I have a thought that maybe there are contexts in which "w" would be okay... the thing that comes to my mind is "wkładać pudełko w pudełko", which would be putting a box into another box, that is probably just a bit bigger.


In polish big box = "pudło", not "pudełko"


jeźeli "duży", to już nie może bzć pudelkiem, ha...ha...ha


Trochę racja, ale też bez przesady, nazwanie czegoś "pudełkiem" albo "pudłem" to kwestia mocno subiektywna.


box = pudlo is also ok


Remember to declinate it and write it with „ł”. So it would be „pudła”.


'Wkładamy butelki do pudła' was not accepted.


We accepted "dużego pudła" already, but I'd say that "pudło" by itself is a big box already, so I just added "pudła" without the adjective.


If the verb here implies putting (something) inside (something else), is the preposition "do" redundant? Such as, "We are putting (the bottles) inside into (a big box).


It's not redundant. Even in English, when we say "insert it into...", the verb already implies movement inside something, but the preposition is still required. It's just part of the syntax for this particular verb.

Without the preposition the big box would look like part of the direct object: Wkładamy butelki dużego pudełka... (= we are inserting the bottles of the big box...)


Why is do required in this sentence but wrong in the previous one?


The order of exercises is chosen at random, so we don't know what the previous sentence was.


It's still not accepting "do dużego pudła". Is there any reason why not? Is it considered incorrect for some reason or archaic?


Makes sense, added.


" kładziemy butelki do dużego pudełka " ... it is good answer , too ...❗❗❗


Although normally "wkładać" is used with "do", I guess "kłaść" can work in this particular sentence... ok, added.


In an earlier translation in this lesson, the correct answer was "Butelki wkładamy do dużego pudełka" why two different answers within the same lesson?


This word order doesn't appear in any of the answers. If you provide a screenshot of this, we could investigate what happened.


However, we actually could justify that word order. "We are putting XYZ into the small box, we are putting ABC into the middle-sized box, we are putting the bottles into the big box"... that could be translated as "Butelki wkładamy...". Added now.


Why is "w" not acceptable? For a spanish speaker is counter intuitive, i would like to find an explanation so that i can remember this one :)


This is simply the preposition this verb takes. Likely because here it implies movement (so not "w") into a closed space (so not "na"). The bottles weren't already in the box; we have to put them there.

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