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about pronounce

I was a bit puzzled with the pronounce but, if one compares the pronounce with what's written in this table, it's not that bad as it seems: http://www.brazil-help.com/pronounce.htm Paradoxically though, I feel more at ease with the normal speed reading than the facilitated one.

I hope you'll find the link as helpful as I did.

January 9, 2014



Great addition! I use to review pt-BR lessons in others language learning tools. This will help me a lot to give some and good tips. Thanks! It's good to hear that you feel better with the normal speed. In pt-BR we have a lot of liaison, so it helps to get used to the normal speed.

January 10, 2014


good, I'm on the right track then! :) I have to say that speaking a couple or Romance languages already helps a lot :P

January 11, 2014



January 10, 2014


de nada! :)

January 11, 2014
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