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"Моя дитина бачила блискавку вчора!"

Translation:My child saw lightning yesterday!

March 31, 2016



The audio has too much breathing/excitement.


I realize that дитина means a female child and not "daughter." However, combined with моя, it seems like "my female child" could be understood as "my daughter." Is this a legitimate understanding of моя дитина, or do people choose to use моя дитина explicitly to exclude the idea of a daughter while still indicating an idea of possession? If so, what kinds of adult/child relationships would this describe? If not, in what kind of contexts would a parent tend to say моя дитина rather than моя донька, and is "my daughter" be a legitimate translation for this sentence? (I probably wouldn't make it an allowable one, so that people learn the difference between the two words; I just want to know if this is a typical understanding.)


I believe дитина just means child, not female child. The feminine grammatical gender does not imply a female biological gender.


Блискавка is also a spark

[deactivated user]

    Really? The dictionary doesn't have this meaning: http://sum.in.ua/s/blyskavka , and I've never heard бли́скавка to mean 'spark' myself either. What region are you from?

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