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News: Dragons to be reintroduced to Wales from today.

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Photo of baby dragon
Credit: Adrian Clay

Dragons are to be reintroduced to Wales today after an absence of more than a 1000 years. Local conservation groups say they are pleased by the move that will put a large preditor back in the food chain.

There have been concerns raised by the farming community due to the risk of predation to livestock, but the Welsh Assembly say they are willing to pay compensation to farmers who can prove loss. The other danger with the dragons' eating habits of taking virgins is not thought to be a problem as they went extinct in Wales many years ago.

Pembroke Castle are holding a Dragon Day in June where you can meet the baby dragons.

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March 31, 2016



Yes, yes. Conservation efforts must proceed at all costs. Mankind has not been a good ruler of this planet, so we should feel guilt for letting these things out of our control.

Like language conservation.


Am I on a watchlist?


A new predator in the food chain? I hope not one higher than us!

Well, this should be quite interesting. I've always wanted to meet a dragon. Harry Potter dreams!


Is this a good thing or a bad thing???.......


Really? I only thought dragons were in Ever After.


I am looking forward to see them while I'm hiking or flying in Wales =)

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