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"Hun har altid villet have børn."

Translation:She has always wanted to have children.

April 1, 2016



isnt it "Hun har altid villet AT have børn."

[deactivated user]


    I want to eat = Jeg vil spise

    I just wanted to see you = Jeg ville bare se dig

    I have wanted to drive a Ferrari since I was a child = Jeg har villet køre en Ferrari siden jeg var barn.


    tusind tak :P


    Why is not the imperfect form: "She always wanted children" accepted?


    Probably because A) this unit is about the present perfect, so they want only that tense and B) because the imperfect (at least in English) would indicate that she can no longer have children (her childbearing years are finished) or that she has changed her mind and now no longer wants children. Whereas, the present perfect, because of its connection to the present, indicates that she still can or still wants to have children today. Compare: "She always wanted children, until she met 'Johnny the Terrible Two-Year Old'" and now children are the last thing she wants!" vs "She has always wanted children and now that she is pregnant, she is very happy!" The two tenses aren't interchangeable, and from the 'feel' of the sentences in this unit (so far) the present perfect would be the only choice.


    Great explanation! Thank you :-)


    Børn eller bjørn; de spiser samme.


    LOL. And i am mixing the words up.! Tell me do you know if the danish børn is related to the irish/ scottish bairn (some form of gaelic) but used in everday speech...for instance my irish grandmother called us children her bonny bairn.

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