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Recommendation for a good Welsh Dictionary app (for iOS)

Does anyone know of a good Welsh/English/Welsh dictionary? It should take a word and give me the definitions in English and Welsh if the word exists in both languages. Currently I have to select the base language to search i.e. Welsh or English.

Also I am having difficulty looking up Welsh words which have been subject to Mutation. Is their any dictionary (app) which overcomes this difficulty or if not, how do Welsh speakers use a dictionary for finding mutated words?

April 1, 2016



The one I use is "ApGeiriaduron" by the university of Bangor. This sadly doesn't do two of the things you asked for since you have to select the language first and then it only gives you a translation (but often multiple ones and where you would used each one e.g if you look up "raw" it will show you a number of translations including "crai" (materials), "amrwd" (meat) and "cignoeth" (wounds).) What it does do is convert a mutated word back into it's unmutated form (e.g if you look for "goron" it will suggest "coron") and can find the infinitive form of the verb (e.g if you put "rhowch" into it, it will convert it back into "rhoi"). Another advantage to this app is that it works offline, so if you're walking along thinking to yourself and you find that you've forgotten a word I can just translate it without needing the internet.

As for a dictionary that gives definitions, there aren't any app ones that I know of and the only dictionary I own that gives definitions is "Y Geiriadur Gomer i'r Ifanc", but these definitions are only in Welsh and offer English translations of the word at the end.

A lot of learners dictionaries offer reminders at the start of a section the some words that you might come across have been mutated e.g at the start of the "g" section it will say "if you can't find a word here you might find it in the "c" section because "c" mutates to "g".


Apart from Ap Geiriaduron - which is very good - there is now a GPC app. The Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru is the standard historical dictionary of Welsh and in its paper form it is Welsh to English only. The GPC app lets you search for English terms as well, though. The interface is not the easiest thing to navigate at the moment but it works well enough.

Being a historical dictionary it gives the etymologies of words, related words in other languages, and also words and definitions back to Old, Middle, and Early Modern Welsh. This last point can be a problem, since some of the older meanings and variations are not always relevant in contemporary Modern Welsh. Ap Geiriaduron is the one to go for, really.

When you are familiar with the language it is no real problem looking up mutated words - there are not that many mutations and the reasons for them are pretty clear, so it is easy enough to work out where to look.


Many thanks for the info ibisc (and EllisVaughan) very useful info. I had already downloaded ap Geiriaduron but I could only see the English to Welsh section, not noticing that it changed to Welsh to English when selected (must get my eyes checked :-D)

I was thrown a bit because in the options, you are given a whole pile of Dictionaries to select but presumably this is for adding specialised dictionaries (I think I saw a biology dictionary in the list).

Thank again, I shall try this dictionary now I have found the Welsh to English.

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