"On powiedział coś innego."

Translation:He said something different.

April 1, 2016

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He told something different - why it's wrong?


Inny should be inanimate in this sentence, therefore innego is genitive. Wouldn't coś also be in the genitive case?


coś innego is a different construction, i don't know the rules, when else it may happen, but

something/someone+ adjective (in genitive)

English something pretty, something different

Nom coś ładnego, coś innego Gen czegoś ładnego , czegoś innego

Dative Czemuś ładnemu, czemuś innemu

Accusative coś ładnego, coś innego

Instr czymś ładnym, czymś innym

Loc czymś ładnym, czymś innym

It seems to work like numerals ( genitive in nominative, genitive and accusative, agreeing cases in dative instrumental, and locative))


So saying "To jest coś inne" would be wrong?


Well not wrong, jut different meaning.

you can say that to mean

It is (somewhat) different.

coś II partykuła charakteryzująca cechę lub zdarzenie w sposób przybliżony, często wyrażająca niepewność lub zdziwienie, np. On ostatnio coś wychudł (characterizing atribute or accident in a approximare way, often showing insecurity or astonishment)

Also To jest inne coś, - can mean this is different "something".


"It is (somewhat) different" would rather be "to jest coś nieco innego", if you want to be accurate


Actually it is Acc or Nom - Powiedział coś, powiedział zdanie (he said a sentence). Powiedzieć (co?) - either Acc or Nom, doesn't realy matter as both forms are the same.

If you want to say: 'He told someone/something' you need Dative: Powiedział mamie.. (He told his mum...) Powiedział psu... (He told the dog...).

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