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What words are trained in the lessons?

I recently browsed my vocabulary and were surprised to see that a lot of very common nouns was reported to have been seen less than 20 times.

So today I did a little test. I did a new lesson and wrote down some of the words that I knew I had seen before. I completed the lesson with one failed exercise, and went to the vocabulary to see when it would report that I have last practiced the words.

The words I noted down was: Vater, falsch, Zimmer, zwischen, perfekt, Artz and privat. Out of these seven words only one single word was reported to have been practiced recently: falsch.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be like this?

Btw. the lesson I did was 'Communication'->'Lesson 2' of the German tree.


I did some more testing. Did a timed practice session where I correctly answered three questions (and failed none):

The sentences I correctly answered were:

  • Dennoch ist jeder von ihnen individuell.
  • Das sind interessante Bücher.
  • Wollt ihr daran teilnehmen

After the training session I went to the vocabulary to see what words Duolingo thought I had trained recently (less than a minute ago):

  • interessante
  • sind
  • das
  • daran
  • dennoch

So this seems to affect a lot of the sentences, at least for the German tree. I cannot come up with a good argument why it would choose to count words such as das and sind which are seen in 10-20% of all sentences, while it would ignore words like Bücher, teilnehmer and individuell.

Is there some good explanation, that I am missing?

[EDIT] I re-posted this in the general forum to hear if other people are also seeing this issue. Please post any feedback there http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1467421 Thanks!

January 9, 2014



Hi flandydandy!

This might be a Discussion for Troubleshooting. You can move this directly over there following the instructions in here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215

Thanks for posting!


Thanks for your kind advice! I moved the thread, but I suspect that this is not actually a technical issue, since this should be handled server-side. Therefore I suspect that this behaivor is the same for all users of the German tree and perhaps also users of other trees. It might even somehow be a feature, that I fail to recognise.

But for now I will just leave it here overnight, if I do not get an answer I will re-post it in the general forum to ask if other users are also experiencing this behaivor.


That sounds like a very solid plan!

Too bad Olimo is taking a break. Word strength and such is an issue they seem to be aware of and might know more about than I do (I really don't know all that much. I'm the "baby mod" learning via trial and error.) I will be interested in learning from any replies you receive on this. :)

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