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  5. "Яке населення у Києві?"

"Яке населення у Києві?"

Translation:What is the population of Kyiv?

April 1, 2016



Any reason "population of Kiev" is not accepted?

I mean "of" isn`t accepted, too

[deactivated user]

    Not accepting 'Kiev' seems to be a conscious decision. At least it seems it's not accepted in lots of sentences in this course.


    Well, and for another reason it forses me to spell Odessa with double s.

    Despite the fact that both toponyms have these exact Ukrainian forms due to the specifity of the Ukrainian language

    Київ is the City of Kij (Кий). Київ/Киев-град.

    Одеса is spelled with one с due to the rule of smooth sound (милозвучність): for the same reason, many other words lack double consonant, e.g.: Росія, піца, професор, інтелігенція and so forth.

    So I don't see a reason to force the use of any specific version in English. Let it accept both.

    They'd better not accept nominative case instead of vocative: Мама istead of Мамо, when being obviously referred to.

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