No sound

Hello, whenever I start learning there seems to be a problem with the sound. although the boxes of my laptop are on I cannot hear the spoken words I should write down and translate. Please give me a tipp what to do! Thanks a million fiercy

June 8, 2012


Same problem over here: Using firefox, Fedora, with the newest (according to yum, that is) adobe-flash-player install. Replaying youtube videos works perfectly fine. Adblock and NoScript are both completely disabled. System settings for AdobeFlashPlayer ("that one window independent of firefox/opera/whatever") are set to "allow everything to everybody, and allow to". I have no idea where to check next, please help.

Monitored PulseAudio: - Youtube: New interface appears, starts playing. - duolingo: Nothing happens. Ever.

Yep, I have the same issue

I installed new clean version of FF (portable)... maybe that's a contributing factor? I can't run a non-portable version at work... Anyways, the brand new version also does not work for audio... Luckily it works fine at home.

I updated Flash and I have no sound anymore. I did reset, reload, reboot and everything else I can think of but still no sound. I do have iPad but the extra lessons (like christmas) do not show up there, and I can't learn what I can't pronounce... any ideas?

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