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Troubleshooting: Units no longer available or and have no lessons within them.

Anyone know what the problem here is, I have units that are no longer working. They no longer show a progression bar:

Plus if I click on them, they show an empty box where the lessons should be, and if I click on the "re-enforce" button, it takes me back to the page with the unit tree.

Any help appreciated, including how to let the tech gurus at duolingo know about the problem.

April 1, 2016

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Excellent problem description, and the images are a plus.

Could you please edit your post and instead of choosing "Duolingo" in the drop-down list, choose "Troubleshooting"? That will put it in the correct forum where the right people will see it.


Thanks for the info! I've moved it to the correct forum!


You should post this on troubleshooting

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