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"Das würde ich ja gerne mal testen."

January 21, 2013



What is "Mal" doing in this sentence?


You can translate it with "Ich würde das gerne testen." or "Das würde ich gerne testen." but it sounds more formal.

In a common sentence you use "ja" and "mal", it's smoother. You can also say "Das würde ich gerne mal testen." or "Das würde ich gerne einmal testen.".

"Mal" is short for "einmal", in this case one might say it's similar to "One day I'd like to test that.", still it would be wrong to translate it like this.


They are called modal particles and are actually used for emphasis. Here's a thread about them, gslack: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/122572


What is the difference between "testen" and prüfen"?

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