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"Почему моя тарелка ещё пустая?"

Translation:Why is my plate still empty?

April 1, 2016



This feels like it might be a slightly rude question.

Unless I was at a dinner/holiday party or something with close friends. Then this would absolutely be something I would say.

Edit: In thinking about it, it would almost have to be that situation I mentioned. In my limited experience with Russians/Russian-speaking people I wouldn't even have the chance to think that question before a heaping plate was pressed into my hands.

Whether I wanted to eat or not.


In some years everything will be automated, so when the machine doesn't put the food on your plate you can ask this question to your friend.


Yes. That question wouldn't be rude at all. When you would have the occasion to ask that question to a Russian, you are being treated very rudely. :-) Like when the mother of your girlfriend really thinks you don't deserve to be her daughter's boyfriend, at all.


Or when your Russian wife thinks you came home a bit too late and a bit too drunk.


Тарелка, а не дарелка; пустая, а не пустарь. This audio is so confusing...


The Тарелка I agree with, the пустая sounds correct to me.


Dangit! Now I can’t unhear it as ‘пустаря’...


Why not пуста?


В данном предложении можно употреблять оба слова.


Потому, что в Советской России, еда ест тебя.


Дима: Смотри! Вот советская национальная блюда! Джон: Но тарелька же пустая. Дима: Да! Точно! This was a joke from one of my friends in Almaty, Kazakhstan. They also made a capitalist version: Джон: Я купил этот ужин со зарплатей, полученной от корпорации! Дима: А тарелька же пустая. Джон: Да! Точно!


If блюда (plural), then советские национальные. If блюдо (neuter), then советское национальное.

С зарплаты. And of course "тарелка" without "ь"


Ох, прошу прощения! Спасибо, Хосе!


Не надо извиняться за ошибки, Пабло! Я просто поправил, чтобы помочь вам сделать ваш русский чуточку лучше. Не всякий, кто здесь учит русский, осмеливается самостоятельно писать на нём. Так что мой вам respect!


You think you have a household slave? Food's in the kitchen, off you go!


What would be required to say "why is my plate already empty"


Почему моя тарелка уже пустая?


'Why is my my plate already empty?' Instead of: 'Why is my plate still empty?'

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