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What's preventing me from moving on to the next lesson

I am able to advance all the way to the last question, after hitting continue on the last question the page remains on that question.

Hitting refresh returns me to the beginning. In the upper left corner it shows that duolingo is thinking with the spinning ring, but nothing happens.

I am using google chrome on macbook pro os x Maverick with no extensions and cookies erased.

January 9, 2014



We are taking a look into this issue! I'll be in touch shortly. Thanks for being patient :)


We took a look at it appears like you're using a satellite ISP. This is why you're experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do on our side.

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If you have the option you can try turning off 'web acceleration,' which is the feature your internet provider uses to speed up some websites.


Unfortunately I do not have the option to turn of "web acceleration". Thanks for digging into my issue, I will log back on when I am not using sat int.

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