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"This place was created for our children."

Translation:To miejsce zostało stworzone dla naszych dzieci.

April 1, 2016



To miejsce stworzono dla naszych dzieci - czy to jest błędne tłumaczenie


Jest poprawne, dodałem.


why "zrobione" is not good? Was it created by god? :D Cause when a man creates something, the thing is made, so "stworzenie czegos" is very similar to "zrobienie czegos" :)


The word "create" definitely means "stworzyć", it does not have to be by God. Men can create things as well. Of course "to do something" has similar meaning, but there is no sense of innovation, creativity, effort, novelty in "doing". "Zrobione" is just "done", nothing to it, totally uninteresting. You can use other words like "przygotowane", "zbudowane", "rozbudowane", I could think of many others but they would be much to specific (ie. one would read into them very specific context), whereas "created" is general enough with the hint of innovation, that "done" does not have.


Why is it "sworzony" and not "stworzone"?


Where do you see 'stworzony'? It should be 'stworzone' like you said and this is exactly what I see as the translation.


Why is there an 'o' on the end of zostal?


To (something) zostało Ta (something) została Ten (something) został


Or in other words: "miejsce" is a neuter noun, for which the right form is "zostało". "został" is masculine.


Because "miejsce" is neutral, and it's on został, ona została, ono zostało.

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