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How long will it take to get immersion for the Welsh course?

Having done some of the German course, I absolutely loved the immersion option, and I think it really helped my comprehension. I understand it's going to take a while to get that set up for the new Welsh course (so excited, by the way), but any ideas on how long it might be?

April 1, 2016



Immersion will not be added to any course that don't have it yet(*).
See more details here

(*) Except, of course, if Duo were to rule back against their own decision to stop the development of Immersion.


Damn. :( Thanks for letting me know


Of course anything published by the government or other public bodies in wales is done in both english and in welsh so if you want to try your hand at boring but freely available stuff that you can check in either direction feel free to help yourself

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