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  5. "I am there where mom is."

"I am there where mom is."

Translation:Я там, де мама.

April 2, 2016



Є means есть in Russian and means "is" in english. Of course, you can omit the є, or in Russian есть, and it still makes perfect sense. It's just another possible answer.

[deactivated user]

    I think this sentence sounds less natural with «є», because «є» is only used when you want to emphasise existence. «Я там, де є мама» (and Russian «Я там, где есть мама») sounds as if your mother is not a single person, only one, but as if you might have more than one mother. I.e. you're emphasising not the location of the only mother, but existence of mother at some place. At least that's how I'd understand this sentence.

    Of course, this might work because a child might have more than one person they call mother (e.g. mother, step mother, nurse), but this sounds less natural to me.

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