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Suggestion: Unit Strength tracking

Hello community and Duolingo team! As stated in the title, this post is to make a request/suggestion for a specific functionality.

Before I start, I gotta ask: is there currently a way for me to know for sure that a given unit on my student's tree is golden?

I ask this because normally I just look at each individual student's activity to see if they practice and play every day and just assume that the ones who don't will lose units over time.

So, for over a year now I've been promoting competitions between my students when it come to Duolingo. I do this because the curriculum in the schools that work at will not bend to my will, since they are bound by contracts.

Now, the amount of units that a given student has completed can be tracked in two different spots on our dashboard, but I don't see any place where I can track the golden completed units.

I find that if i don't demand my students to keep the units golden, there is no way for me to prevent them from cheating to win the competition. Some of them will just keep using google translate to test out of units and make progress without learning. It's sad that this happens and it's also really hard to spot.

To address this issue, I created a rule for the competitors: only the golden units will count on the final ranking. So if you get a unit by cheating, you'll have a hard time keeping it golden. And if you keep it golden, there's a chance the whole cheating thing won't even prevent you from learning at all!

My problem is that I have to check each of the top contenders' phones to see if they're golden and that doesn't always work because some of them play on the computer. In fact, one of my students from this semester was mugged and has no phone. What if she wins?

Now, if there is no way for me to track this already, could you please add one? I mean, you're always adding cool stuff, so I thought I'd pitch this idea in!

April 2, 2016



Thanks for the idea, Silas! :D


Thank you for the feedback, Vivian! This semester I have some "beginners" who are done or nearly done with the whole English tree, so without this I'll end having to give them all prizes!


Ah! There is always the reverse tree for the ultra-advanced ;] (have them try learning Portuguese from English)


That's a great solution! I'll Wait until some three have finished it and create an "elite competitors" group! I have a feeling they're gonna love it!


I agree with this request. Until we can track students we'll be subject to those using work arounds to make progress.

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