Google Hindi TTS for Hindi courses

Google Text-to-Speech has Hindi tts for quite some time. Is it possible to use that tts for hindi on android app or even on the website with permission from Google, like duolingo does with some other courses.

April 2, 2016

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You can use the 'Google indic Keyboard' for typing in hindi and other indian languages using android. it has TTS,phonetic typing,devanagari keyboard & gesture typing !! It's really fast and very accurate.

below are some screenshots and instructions to help you enable them.


1.Tap on a text field and then tap on the keyboard icone near the square (bottom left)

2.Tap on Choose Keyboards (to choose and select google indic keyboard from a list) OR Tap to choose 'Google Indic keyboard'.

3.Then tap on 'अ' to switch to hindi typing (Tip: tapping again on अ you can choose between phonetic typing,devanagari keyboard & gesture typing) Tap on 'abc' to type in english

I hope that was helpful :) If you have any doubts or problems please feel free to talk to me :)


January 18, 2017

Thanks for the pointer/ We will look at the available options when we reach there.

April 9, 2016

Thanks, even on iOS ,there is a Hindi voice available in Text-to-speech.

April 12, 2016

+1 for this option

May 8, 2016
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