"Jestem dorosłym człowiekiem."

Translation:I am an adult man.

April 2, 2016



... insisted the evil killer cyborg.

April 2, 2016


Hehe, I'm not a native English speaker, but that "human" part feels a bit odd to me too – "I am an adult.", should be enough, I feel… But maybe I'm wrong. ;-)

April 2, 2016


Agreed. Or I would use just "man", but "human" is odd.

April 3, 2016


I used "person", that's how I usually translate "człowiek". And "mężczyzna" for "man".

April 15, 2016


Another correct answer should read - I am an adult. In English we do not say 'I am an adult person'

August 10, 2016


should be accepted.

August 10, 2016


Can a woman say this sentence? If not, how would she say it in the feminine case?

July 7, 2016


"Jestem dorosłym człowiekiem" - yeah, sure. A man is a human and a woman is a human. But somehow I think most women would rather say "Jestem dorosłą kobietą" = I am a grown/adult woman.

July 7, 2016


As a Polish woman I would say:

"jestem dorosłym człowkiekiem"- only when I really want to make a point of being human

"jestem dorosłą kobietą" - when my womanhood is important

"jestem dorosła" - "I am an adult"

"jestem dorosłą osobą" - I am an adult person

two last ones seem to me like ones I would use without giving attention to either my equal right as a human being, or my gender.

July 7, 2016


What's wrong with saying, "I am a human adult?"

November 28, 2016


That sounds completely like a quote from "Star Wars", but... that's not a reason to reject it, I guess. Added.

November 30, 2016


said the three children standing on each other's shoulders in a trench coat

March 30, 2019
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