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  5. "Dein Sohn hat Fische."

"Dein Sohn hat Fische."

Translation:Your son has fish.

January 9, 2014



In English you don't say say "fishes", it's always just "fish" to indicate both plural and singular, right?


Yes, unless talking about various types, species, of fish.


So, when talking about various types you say "fishes"?


Yes, you can say that. But most likely one would say something like "various types of fish". But when talking simply about the number of animals, we just say "fish". There are many fish in this lake.


At first I thought it said, "Dein Sohn hat Fleisch" I was like...uhh. LOL


Hi! Is (die?) Fische singular or plural?


Der fish, die fishe


Everything with plural, the article will always be "die"'


Except in other cases I've seen "Die Fisch" and the explanation of a moderator was that it's a group term, like food. I swear they just try to excuse whatever is the case and don't care about consistency. :(


I don't know my past and present tense in English very well. Has and had are like the same thing to me!!!


Why is "Your son owns a fish" wrong?


It is wrong because you can own a house, a car, maybe a "fish shop", but "you have a fish".


Wat is wrong in "Your son is having Fishes"? its means the same as Your son has fishes??


I knew I shouldn't have let my son go out with that salmon...


your sentence in "Progressive (Continuous) Forms" , But for most uses of have we don't use the progressive.


It would depend on context, I think. If we're talking about pets, "Your son has fish" is the appropriate answer. If we're talking about a meal, "Your son is having fish" is appropriate. They aren't interchangeable, though. Also, in the latter one it is not fishes, it's just fish.


OK, Duo rejected "Your son is having Fish." Is that because "Fische" is plural - or is there some other way of saying what someone is having to eat in the present in German?


This sentence doesn't make sense to me. "The son has fish"? Does this mean they are like his pets? Does it mean he's having fish for dinner? I can't think of a context where this sentence would occur, so when listening I instantly threw away the thought that Fische could be the answer.


DL is giving us sentences that make no sense but are grammatically correct so we can learn to make our own sentences.


At my place, in slang, fish also means girlfriend or some pretty girl ;)


...and your daughter has crabs?


"hat Fisch" should be the correct. Fish is a group term and I explicitly remember another example with "die Fisch" being correct and the explanation provided was that it's a group term.

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