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Android App Glitch credited me for work I didn't do

I had plenty of free time today so I decided to catch up on my practice since I'd barely had time for Duolingo in the past couple of weeks. I did a few rounds of practice on Portuguese, over 100 points worth to reach level 15. Then I did some Italian (~60 points).

Then tonight on my tablet I did some French practice - two sessions. I lost a heart or two so I should have received 20 something points but it's credited me with 58 points? Not that I'm complaining but it points to a glitch in the software somewhere. Either that or I entered a zone and breezed through five practice sessions without realising!

If the app can glitch and award me points for practice I didn't do, then it undermines the points I accumulated for what I did do today.

January 9, 2014


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