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English for German speakers out of beta

English for German speakers is now listed under phase 3 on the Incubation page, which is for courses graduated from beta.

It doesn't seem so long ago that they moved to phase 2, so this progression came fairly quickly. Congratulations to the mods of the course, Antonia (erdnuss), Myra & Julika, and to all beta testers who submitted feedback!

The course is listed as currently having 238 thousand learners.

January 10, 2014



Congratulations to erdnuss, myra, and Julika! I'm so glad to see it graduate from beta, and I'm proud to be one of the 238 thousand learners!

Edit: Now it's 242 k! Wow, it's growing quick.

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Woo hoo! Great news. :)) It appears this Incubator concept that duolingo has set up is working really well. I can see progress in a lot of the other languages in phase 1 as well.


The progress pie chart doesn't seem to work for phase 2 courses. I checked yesterday and the German course supposedly had no progress at all.


I think it's because they just fix errors, and they probably can't tell how much progress has been made with this.


It is really exciting to see courses progress from Stage 1 to beta and then out of beta, and a big part of that is watching the progress bar. It has been mentioned before how the beta stage works for the contributors of a course. I can't find the topic it is in, but someone mentioned that the contributors have a language tree like we do and it gets more and more gold as less and less feedback and corrections are submitted. This seems fairly easy to quantify, so how come the progress bar for the beta stage is not working at all? This is what makes following the incubator so exciting (seeing the progress bar inching forwards). I really hope this can be fixed soon.


Good news, thank you. Would be also nice if the course appeared among other languages for easier switching.


That is great news! Thanks to the team and everybody who submitted faults. I'd be happy if someone could answer my questions arising from the graduation of this course:

  1. Will "English for German speakers" show up in the drop-down dialog to change the current course?
  2. Will "English for German speakers" be shown as a badge in my profile although I am currently practicing a skill "for English speakers"
  3. Is the display of the current status of the beta-course not working?


  1. English for German speakers has been available in the drop down since the course went to beta. Now, it's being grouped with all of the other courses that have been around for awhile. It is, now, OUT of the incubator.
    When you look at the drop down, the course description is in German because it is for German speakers.
  2. No, "English for German speakers" will not show on your badge in your profile while you are practicing a skill "for English speakers." This is a "feature" of Duolingo. Your badges in your profile are based on the language that you are currently learning from. So, if you are taking courses for English speakers, you will only see languages learned from English in your profile. Of course, once they have more than English for German speakers, for example, Spanish or French for German speakers, then, the profile could show all of the languages that you are learning from German until then, it can only show English for German speakers.

P.S. You can always switch back and forth across the language divide of Duolingo. For instance, I've studied English to Spanish, English to German, and Spanish to English. When I leave Duolingo set to "I know Spanish" then, the only flag visible is the American. When I have Duolingo set to "I know English", the, both the German and Spanish flags will be visible.

And, even though, you won't be able to see the opposite language when studying from English, all of your points are counted from either side and your Lingots, too.

  1. I'm not sure what you are referring to with your last question.


I think with his last question he is referring to the fact that you can't continue to see the progress of a course once it reaches beta. There is no progress shown between phase 2 and 3. The pie chart is simply empty. I'm not sure if it is intentional or not, but I think it should be fixed.



Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks.


There isn't much to see there. There are a few factors that are able to measure how well a beta course is going but it doesn't quite yield a pie chart that is increasingly filling up. However I can tell you that all the Beta courses are doing fine and are also improving on schedule.


Thanks for your detailed answer, Salxandra.

  1. Since beta the course is listed in the profile's drop-down menu. I wanted to ask, if it could be somehow included into the quickly accessible drop-down menu which is visible on top of the page next to the duolingo logo. I know, that it only shows the available languages to be learned from the language base that is actually chosen - but maybe this could be changed for the sake of an easier switching back and forth between different language bases.

  2. Will this remain a feature of duolingo? I see the reason why they do it. But I don't think it is the best solution. For example, they could show one badge per course all the time which includes the language I'm learning from and the one I'm learning. So in my case there would be badges for English-French, English-Spanish, English-German AND German-English. If with every badge there were both languages shown (split flag), then this would work (and I'd be delighted).

  3. This was already answered by Zach1337. Thanks.


Excellent! This means that any bugs that may have existed in the beta stage have been dealt with, thus making for a smoother transition for all of the other languages to come. Very exciting!


Awesome.:) I have started to work through it a little bit, and I love it, but I won't be able to fully utilize it until a while from now.


Congrats on all the hard work ^_^

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