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  5. "We have that soup."

"We have that soup."

Translation:Mamy tamtą zupę.

April 2, 2016



It says "My mamy tamtą zupę" is wrong. Why is that?


Yes, it's redundant, but correct. And accepted, it should have worked...


Thanks for fixing things all the time my dude. I really need to learn Polish.


So would tą be correct as well?


No. It would be tę zupę. The instrumental case is tą zupą.


We can see that is the answer. We need to know why it is the answer.


Because ta zupa declines to tę zupę in the accusative case when it is the direct object in the sentence.


yeah, it is confusing as one would predict that "to" declines same as adjectives but obviously this is not the case. The thing that always confuses me is also that accusative of "ta is "tę" and acc. of "tamta" is "tamtą" :'')


It sounds redundant to say "my mamy," unless "we" is emphasized, but it's not wrong


It was sort of promised tę will be accepted here :\


The correct translation "Mamy zupę" is accepted.

We have that soup - Mamy zupę/ Jemy zupę


My question is: why tamtą and not just tamten? I am confused


https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/tamten#Polish click on "declension of tamten" to see the table

zupa is feminine so it uses the feminine tamta. Because it's the object of the verb mamy "we have," tamta zupa declines to the accusative case tamtą zupę.


Ah, I see, do it depends on the gender of the word that it is being pointed to? If it was, as an example, a masculine word like Kot "tamten" would be used, yes?

That brings me to my 2nd question: what is the difference between the Tamten/tamta/tamto and Ten/ta/to? I cant wrap my head around it at all.

It is quite different from my native Serbian, which has helped me grasp Polish more easily due to the similarities.


Serbian has the same thing.

овај дечак, ова девојка, ово дете, ten chłopiec, ta dziewczyna, to dziecko, "this boy, this girl, this child."

тај дечак, та девојка, то дете, tamten chłopiec, tamta dziewczynka, tamto dziecko, "that boy, that girl, that child."


Хвала на појашњењу, то има смисла. Dziękuję!


It's amazing, I don't speak Serbian, but I understood every word from Russian. Хвалить "to praise," so "thank you." На пояснения, "for explanation." То имеет смысл!


Interesting that the Serbian words for "this" look more or less like Polish and Russian words for "both"...


I think you got the scripts mixed up :)

It looks a lot like ów/owa/owo. The feminine and neuter forms are even identical.


Yes, even when reading Cyryllic my mind still often treats В as if it was Latin B :D After all this time...


I'm still a bit confused as to when to have the ogonek (diacritical mark) below the a or e, as in tamtą.


For the feminine noun determiner ta ("this"), the accusative case is , but the instrumental case is .

https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/ta#Polish Click "declension of ta."

Tamta ("that") declines to tamtą in both accusative and instrumental cases.

Click on "declension of tamten."


why Tamta instead of Tamte(e) zupe(e)?


Read this thread. I already posted the answer above. Click on the links in my post right above, for the declension tables of ta and tamten.


Why is "tamtą" in the instrumental case?


In this example, it's in the accusative case, but it's identical to the instrumental case. There is no such thing as "tamtę"


Click on "Polish" then "declension of tamten"


As yetI cannot change my keyboard to Polish font. Consequently, I can't insert accent when I type Polish. WhenI did a lesson on the computer, a series of accented letters were shown. Could that be done for phone lessons requiring Polish typing too?


Every iPhone and Android phone already has the Polish keyboard available without installing any additional apps. For example, on my Android phone, using Gboard which is the standard Android keyboard, I press and hold the comma (,) and then press the little "gear" icon representing Settings. The very first item in Settings is Languages. There, I can add basically any language in the world.


Im polish and English sooo this is a Good way to get xp

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