"We have brought you bread."

Translation:Przynieśliśmy ci chleb.

April 2, 2016

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Duolingo provides two solutions: "Przynieśliśmy ci chleb." and "Przyniosłyśmy ci chleb." Is there any difference between these two? (Is there a gender difference, perhaps?)



Przynieśli-śmy - is a group of people that has at least one male in it

Przyniosły-śmy- is a group on female people.


I cannot hear the first word, only ci chleb.


Okay, I heard about vanishing sounds in the TTS, but vanishing words? I hear everything correctly.

Well, not 'everything' because apparently the TTS pronounces "chleb" as "chle" here. But that's clearly wrong, of course.


Indeed, there is no sound when I click on the tile with the verb "przenieśliśmy". Same behaviour in some other exercises with verbs in past perfect tense. I keep reporting it as missing audio.


Actually the proposed tile is: Przyniosłyśmy, which is different than the solution in the comments (przynieśliśmy)


I think this is a wider bug, and anyway, that's something that only devs can fix.

"przynieśliśmy" = there is at least one man among 'us'

"przyniosłyśmy" = there are no men among 'us'.

So both are equally correct as there's no context.

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