"Rozmawiała z żółwiem."

Translation:She was talking with a turtle.

April 2, 2016

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They are such conversationalists...


OMG she was talking with a turtle


Jestem ciekawy, czy żółw jej odpowiedział?


Was it a TMNT or the old turtle from the vintage Tootsie Pop commercial?


I thought that "Rozmawiała" would imply a conversation and "Mówiła" would be talking to with no expectation of a two-way discussion. Please explain. (Unless of course this is a talking turtle)


Yes, it's a talking turtle :)

Technically "Mówiła z żółwiem" isn't wrong for a conversation, but I believe it's rare, I wouldn't recommend it.

And "Mówiła do żółwia" is the most probable situation, in which she talks to the turtle and the turtle is silent.


Could this sentence mean "I (feminine) was talking with a turtle"?


No, that would be rozmawiałam.


Yep, another false friend.


You compared it to Russian grammar, I guess? No, in Polish every grammatical person (and gender) has its own past tense form, unlike Russian which just uses what in Polish would be only the 3rd person forms.


Yeah, I understood this long ago - Polish has all of the Russian grammar + more stuff.


Not a false friend, just another conjugation. You can't expect a verb to be completely different in every conjugation - that would make them impossible to learn.


Was she really talking with a turtle, or was she talking with someone who has withdrawn into their shell? (The turtle being a metaphor for an introverted person). Perhaps she is a psychologist trying to treat an extremely introverted individual — if so, the sentence makes perfect sense! The possibilities are endless and the psychological implications....well....? ;)


I am not aware of any metaphorical meaning for an introvert, the only metaphorical one I can think of is someone slow (physically, not mentally). Like someone who literally walks slowly or at least does some work slowly.


I was trying to be funny in view of the humorous comments made by others in this discussion. "To withdraw into one's shell" is a common English expression, and a person who does so, could be called an introvert. A turtle has a shell and can withdraw into it, therefore, an introvert could be considered, metaphorically, to be a turtle! And in this situation, talking to a turtle would be considered quite "normal"!! ;)


Yes, I know, it's just that this metaphor probably wouldn't work in Polish :)


I always wondered whether Momo was a girl or a boy. This sentence cleared it for me now. :-)


The (female) voice very clearly says 'żółwien' rather than 'żółwiem'.


I don't hear it...

P.S. My girlfriend was just chilling in the other room, when suddenly she heard this random sentence read in four different voices. She asked me to record it and sent the recording to a friend, it's her favorite sentence now.


It's a ninja turtle

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