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  5. "I have been here for ages."

"I have been here for ages."

Translation:Dw i yma ers achau.

April 2, 2016



Dw i wedi bod yma...?


If the action is still going on, the present tense is used for this construction in Welsh rather than the perfect:

  • Rydw i'n sefyll yma ers sbel.
  • Rydyn ni'n byw yma er 1990.
  • Mae hi'n gweithio fel athrawes ers deng mlynedd.

See the course notes.


I am puzzled by the use of achau here. The four dictionaries I have consulted, imcluding the GPC, give the translation of 'achau' as pedigrees,lineage, ancestry. None have any reference to 'ages' nor this usage with 'ers'. The notes don't give any indication of peculiarity in using it in this way.


It is a common idiomatic expression.

  • ers achau; ers talwm, etc - for ages
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