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"Restu ĉi tie, ĉar mi bezonas vian helpon!"

Translation:Stay here, because I need your help!

April 2, 2016



False cognates will be the death of me


This won't accept "Stay here because I need your help" as a correct answer, even though it knows this is the correct translation. For me, it continuously marks it as incorrect and the only solution I've found is to copy and paste it into the text field. I don't know why this works because what I'm pasting is identical to what I'm typing. It has to be some sort of glitch.


Curious if "becasue" is misspelled on purpose.


Typo, been corrected, and that wasn't the issue in the first place (as it would have been detected as a correct sentence, with the misspelled word underlined as a note to the user, in addition, Chrome for some reason sees "becasue" as correct and fails to mark it now).


Serious question: what was rude about my comment?


Nevermind, it just sounded like you were mocking me when I first read it. I get a LOT of hate mail, death threats, etc. (including on my own website) and am on the defence with commentary at all times as a result.


What's the significance of cxi? When is it right to use it?


"Cxi" shows proximity. Within the course, it turns "tie" (there) to "cxi tie" (here.) In the real world, it's a little messier (but close enough.)

Edit: In this video I talk about ĉi. The link should take you directly to the correct moment in the video.

https://youtu.be/PE2J6Sn27kk?t=71 https://youtu.be/PE2J6Sn27kk?t=71

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