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  5. "Він був у Одесі давно."

"Він був у Одесі давно."

Translation:He was in Odesa a long time ago.

April 2, 2016



Shouldn't the English translation include the indefinite article "a"? " He was in Odessa a long time ago".


So the hint tells me it is Odesa and not Odessa.. And the I get a notification that I have a typo and it should be Odessa..

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Odessa is made from Russian. Ukrainian name of the city is Odesa - with only one S.


No, the Ukrainian name is Одеса. Crazy, I know.


Він давно не був у Одесі. I think it’s more correct in a conversation


The translation for "давно" here is "long time ago/in a long time/for a long time".

"Він був у Одесі давно."

What is the distinction between "He was in Odessa a long time ago" and "He was in Odessa for a long time"?


Strictly speaking "Він був у Одесі давно" can mean both and you get the exact meaning from the context. If you say only "Він був у Одесі давно", I would understand it as "He was in Odessa a long time ago." To say "He was in Odessa for a long time" I would use "довго": "Він був у Одесі довго".


Я думаю, зараз я розумію. Дякую!


Нема за що!


Is anyone else having problems with the audio being mumbled? If not, maybe I should do these lessons on another phone...


How do you say 'He was in Odessa for a long time?

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