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  5. "They are just there."


"They are just there."

January 21, 2013



For translating "just", how can I choose between "eben", "einfach", or "nur" ? (why is "nur" not correct here ?) Thx !


The problem is that "just" has many meanings in english. Here are the rules I just came up with:

If you can replace "just" by "just now", you translate to "eben".

If you can replace "just" by "simply", you translate to "einfach".

Otherwise, if you can replace "just" by "only", you translate to "nur".

As I invented these rules I'm not sure they are exhaustive.

Examples: "This is just a coin" - "This is simply a coin" - "Das ist einfach eine Münze."

"They are just five people." - "They are only five people" - "Sie sind nur fünf Leute."

"I just came back from work." - "I just now came back from work" - "Ich kam eben von der Arbeit zurück."


What about gerade?

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