"Jesteś dobrym dzieckiem."

Translation:You are a good child.

April 3, 2016

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Kto jest dobrym dzieckiem? Jesteś dobrym dzieckiem!


Good, but such a question/answer set really calls for specifying the subject: Ty jesteś dobrym dzieckiem!

After all, it's very likely to be even emphasized by voice :)


I wonder, would it be possible/natural to put such an emphasis on the end of the word? (JestEŚ dobrym...)


Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! :)


I don't have much experience with dogs, but I believe it doesn't work in Polish, it would mostly be "Dobry piesek!" ("piesek" = diminutive of "pies", so "little dog", "doggie").


The course was really good until this point. Now I get marked false answers as right and it is really hard to learn something. For example i wrote "dobrem" instead of "dobrym" and it doesn't even mention a typo. It shows it as completely correct. I have to open the comments to see the real right answer and I obviously do not want to do that after every task. (And there are many examples for this.) In the previous lessons it was handling the situations much better.


Yes same here, i wrote dobry, suspecting strongly that i d be wrong, and it wasnt even underlined as a typo.


It says "loc." for dobrym but "instr." for dzieckiem. Shouldn't the adjective here be in the same case as the noun it describes?


The adjectives have the same form in Locative and Instrumental and yes, both adjective and the noun are used in Instrumental.


Maybe when you refer directly to a child, you could even say "you are a good boy / girl" insted of "you're a good child" ;)


I am sorry, but what is the difference between what we learned= dobra, dobry, dobre and also= stary, stare and all the rest of what we learned and what we are learning now like= starą, dobrym, nowej? How do I know when to use what?


This sentence shows the use of the Instrumental case which applies both to the noun and also to any adjective that applies to the noun. You might like to take a look at this paper by our esteemed Jellei: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167/A-guide-on-X-is-Y-and-This-is-Y-constructions . Part Two applies here.


Thank you for your trouble

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And what would the plural version of this sentence be?


"Jesteście dobrymi dziećmi."


Would Your a good child be ok?


The full form of the correct answer starts with "You are". This can be abbreviated to "You're", not "Your".


First of all, your is a possessive pronoun which answers the question: "whose?"

And secondly, there is no verb in your sentence.


Shouldnt kid be allowed


It should and it is.

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