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  5. "It is fine this morning."

"It is fine this morning."

Translation:Mae hi'n braf y bore 'ma.

April 3, 2016



I'm having trouble with the words with apostrophies. Is bore'ma a contraction of 2 words? Is ...'ma...a contraction of 2 words? Are bore ...and...'ma...definitely separate from each other?

And... i'r...hi'n....i'n...what 2 words do these represent? Sorry, I'm a beginner figuring things out.

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'Mae hi'n' is an abbreviation of 'Mae hi yn'. Mae hi means 'She/It is'. The 'yn' connects the adjective 'Braf = fine" so that gives us 'Mae hi' (It is) + 'yn braf' (fine). Because there are two vowels following each other it is easier to put in the apostrophe and say it as one sound. So 'Mae hi yn braf' becomes 'Mae hi'n braf'. Try them out in Ivona.com, using the Welsh voice Gwyneth to hear the difference.

Similarly with 'Y bore 'ma', this is a contraction of 'Y bore yma' which means 'The morning here', which we translate in English as 'This morning'. Again two vowels following each other so we replace one with an apostrophe.

Hope that helps.


i'r is i yr "to the"; i'n is i yn, i.e. "I" followed by the linking yn.


I remember "braf" meaning "fine" by thinking about Zach Braff. Mmmm...


why can't i use hwn?


You can now - just added it.

For this introductory Welsh course we have begun with y ... 'ma and y ... 'na for 'this...' and 'that...' as these are the usual colloquial forms. hwn/hon/hyn/hwnna/honno/hynny are introduced later on the course.


thanks. it mentioned hwn and hon in the notes at the bottom so I thought they were just as optional as 'ma and yma

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